The Tree That Moved the House

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Ahh, the cedar tree.

I grew up in the middle of 14 acres in a log home built by my parents (literally).

Next to that house there was an enormous cedar tree. It was visible in the background of countless photographs over the years and it was a big part of my memories.

Maybe it was a nostalgic moment of remembering my childhood home that made the decision a little easier, but there we were….

Brad and I stood in the middle of our dirt pad with the corners of our dream home staked out. We had the dilemma of deciding which option we should choose:

Additional dirt work to move the house back which would mean unplanned spending
We could move the pool to the backyard (this option would seem only natural to most, I know, but in our minds the house was already built “around the pool”). This option would also interrupt our old age bird watching off the back of the screened in porch that we were planning.
The final option and the one barely considered… cut down that huge cedar tree in the front of the house. Gasp! Not the big cedar tree!
The final decision was purely emotional: of course, we would just move the house! We could never cut down the cedar tree.

Go ahead and confess – have you ever made a decision based on emotions when building a house? I promise I will completely understand!


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